Jaya Rudgard

Jaya Rudgard began meditating in 1984, and from 1996 to 2005 was ordained as a nun in the Thai forest tradition in England at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.

She subsequently trained as an Insight Meditation teacher at Spirit Rock in California and Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts.

She teaches meditation retreats and courses in the UK and internationally. Jaya has extensive experience teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindful Self-Compassion and teaches retreats for Mindfulness teachers and teachers in training. She also enjoys practising and teaching qigong.

For upcoming online courses and retreats with Jaya, including qigong and meditation retreats, please see Upcoming Retreats and Courses.

For information about learning qigong with Jaya please see Qi-mindful.com.


Qigong (chi kung), meaning ‘energy-skill’, is the ancient Chinese practice of mindfulness in motion. Grounded in Taoist wisdom, it simultaneously promotes physical health and fitness, emotional resilience and mental clarity.

Some qigong practices can develop strength and endurance, whilst others maintain and increase mobility, soothe the nervous system and activate and support the body’s natural healing powers. Above all qigong is deeply enjoyable and relaxing, and is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

Jaya has practised and shared qigong for many years and is a certified Holden Qigong instructor. For information about her current online classes please visit Qi-mindful.com.

Upcoming Retreats & Courses

Dharma & Mindfulness events 2024 with Jaya Rudgard


30th August – 6th September 2024
Practices of the Heart

Including chanting and devotional practices
with Sumedha and Mat Schencks
open to all

27th September – 2nd October 2024
At the Nightingale Centre, Buxton
with The Mindfulness Network
Deepening and Extending the Foundations of Mindfulness
with Rebecca Crane


Sunday 30th June 2024
London Insight Meditation

Saturday 21st September 2024
Oxford Insight Meditation


Saturday 28 December 2024 – Thursday 2 January 2025
New Year Retreat Gaia House (Residential and Livestreamed)
with Kirsten Kratz and Bernat Font

18th Feb – 23rd Feb 2025
Awakening in Motion and Stillness – Insight Meditation and Qigong
with Jaya Rudgard and Julia Wallond Gaia House

18th – 22nd March 2025
Mindfulness and Qigong at Sharpham Coach-House


11th-17th August 2024
Castletown, Co. Laois
with The Mindfulness and Compassion Centre
Food for the Heart – the Factors of Awakening
with Christoph Köck


Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA

16th-25th July 2024
The Nature of Awareness

with Guy and Sally Armstrong and Yuka Nakamura
(for experienced students)

22nd October-3rd December 2024
Three-Month Retreat, Part 2
with teaching team (see website)